Brush up on your Haemophilia knowledge

“Haemophilia is classically inherited and can’t be transmitted like the common cold or flu. Both haemophilia A and B are more prevalent in males than in females, resulting from a genetic defect in the X chromosome.”

Tuberculosis, the bacterial disease, what you should know

“At a local level, the global health organisation notes TB incidence and case-fatality rates have increased threefold in South Africa over the ensuing decade, with more than 400 000 cases requiring treatment annually. Therefore, it is essential to understand what TB is, thereby minimising your chances of infection.”

Hypertension, when your blood pressure wreaks havoc on your health

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a medical condition affecting thousands of South Africans, showing no discrimination against gender. Dr Braham Barnard, a cardiologist, based at Mediclinic Bloemfontein, claims while there is no perfect value, a person with a blood pressure reading above 130/80 is suffering from hypertension. Moreover, he adds that this condition’s prevalence puts […]

Epilepsy, what you need to know

Epilepsy, what you need to know - MediHub KZN

“When looking at the causes of the disorder, Epilepsy SA highlights numerous possible causes, all of which one’s doctor will consider when making their diagnoses.”

Contraceptives, brush up on your knowledge

“With contraceptives playing an instrumental role in minimising unwanted pregnancies, we now look at some of the most common types of contraceptives and their respective pros and cons.”

Learning to live with a physical disability


“Anel Potgieter, a medical orthotist and prosthetist of Anel Orthotics and Prosthetics in Newcastle, stresses that life does not need to end after being confined to a wheelchair or limb loss. “

What happens to your body when you give up drinking alcohol?

give up drinking alcohol

Whether it is an ice-cold beer or a well-aged whiskey, many enjoy the timeless tradition of relaxing with a drink after a long day. However, when one or two drinks transforms into a daily custom, many problems arise, leaving only one choice—booting the habit.  According to a Los Angeles-based physician, Damon Raskin, MD, who is […]

Arthritis unravelled and broken down

One of the most consequential misconceptions surrounding arthritis is that only one type exists. According to Dr Ingrid Louw, a rheumatologist at Mediclinic Panorama, there are at least 100 types of arthritis; with osteoarthritis (OA) being a more common form of the disease.  While there are several various variants of arthritis, Dr Louw points out two […]

Cycling versus running, Dr Bianca Cooper gives the rundown

Cycling versus running

The positive influence which fitness holds over both our mental and physical health is undeniable. Moreover, as we learned during the lockdown’s restriction, we do not always require sporting equipment or a gym membership to achieve our goals. In actual fact, a good serving of effort coupled with some sound guidance will yield extraordinary results.  […]

Dr Cooper on the life-threatening topic of strokes. This is what you need to know

As a fast-striking neurological condition, according to Dr Bianca Cooper, Principal Clinical Manager Mediclinic Newcastle, strokes are more common in our community than one would imagine. “We see at least one a week in the emergency centre, at its quietest. On average, we get one stroke patient every two to three days through the emergency […]

Anxiety, the most treatable mental disorder – read more here

Anxiety Disorders MediHub KZN

Living in a world where many put forward a brave face in public, yet, behind closed doors find themselves succumbing to a common disorder, anxiety. This sees an array of people from all walks of life dealing with a silent, invisible challenge. But what do we know about anxiety disorders? According to a review published […]

Healthy holidays, what you need to know before drinking and soaking up the summer sun

healthy holidays MediHub KZN

As the beaches and outdoor resorts attract South Africans throughout the summer months, seeing people soaking up the sunshine, CANSA emphasises it is pivotal that people are aware of the necessary steps to take when outdoors. The organisation explains that sunburn can occur within 15 minutes. While sunburn is highly uncomfortable, CANSA points out the […]

Erectile dysfunction discussed with Dr Dhanjee

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is a condition which affects thousands of men around the globe. But, thanks to modern medicine and education, it is no longer the taboo subject of yesteryear. In plain and simple English, impotence is the inability to get or maintain an erection, which leaves one’s sexual life lacking and unsatisfactory for […]