Anxiety, the most treatable mental disorder – read more here

Anxiety Disorders MediHub KZN

Living in a world where many put forward a brave face in public, yet, behind closed doors find themselves succumbing to a common disorder, anxiety. This sees an array of people from all walks of life dealing with a silent, invisible challenge. But what do we know about anxiety disorders? According to a review published […]

Anxiety and depression, the legacy of COVID-19 with Dr Seedat

Mental health is an issue which affects millions of people around the globe on an annual basis. From stress and anxiety to PTSD and depression—people struggle with a multitude of challenges daily which affects their mental wellbeing. However, following the outbreak of COVID-19, thousands of people are finding themselves strained under pressure posed by the […]

Doctors plagued by depression and anxiety, UKZN study finds

As people find their mental health under strain, wading through uncharted water, doing their best to remain positive in the face of adversity, how are those in the medical field coping? How are doctors, nurses and other hospital staff dealing with the COVID-19 crisis? According to a UKZN study by Dr Thejini Naidoo, a psychiatry […]