Dr Cooper on the life-threatening topic of strokes. This is what you need to know

As a fast-striking neurological condition, according to Dr Bianca Cooper, Principal Clinical Manager Mediclinic Newcastle, strokes are more common in our community than one would imagine. “We see at least one a week in the emergency centre, at its quietest. On average, we get one stroke patient every two to three days through the emergency […]

Healthy holidays, what you need to know before drinking and soaking up the summer sun

healthy holidays MediHub KZN

As the beaches and outdoor resorts attract South Africans throughout the summer months, seeing people soaking up the sunshine, CANSA emphasises it is pivotal that people are aware of the necessary steps to take when outdoors. The organisation explains that sunburn can occur within 15 minutes. While sunburn is highly uncomfortable, CANSA points out the […]